Build brands that people love.


·     Make the complex simple through marketing strategy and messaging.

·     Design with purpose.

·     Accessible, transparent, honest (aka integrity).

·     Turn stories into conversations, impressions into relationships and campaigns into results.


BLU SKY is a holistic marketing and branding collective that partners with bold, ambitious companies to create brands.

Whether starting from scratch or scaling to the next level, we help strategically solve your branding challenges, craft a compelling brand story, then create incredible experiences around your brand. Together, we’ll increase your presence, grow your influence, and strengthen your brand’s value.


Spearheaded by Devon Howard, BLU SKY’s thinkers, creators, artists, influencers, strategists and doers specialize in shifting the branding conversation from what brands and companies do, to what they mean and stand for. 

Having honed our storytelling and design skills at large mainstream and action sports brands, we're now operating as freelancers under the BLU SKY collective to share what practices and strategies we’ve learned along the way. 

Devon Howard - Founder, Strategist, Project Lead

Tony Larson - Creative Director, Artist

Scott Hulet - Writer, Thinker

Jason Baffa - Film Director

Jenna Klein - Social Media

Andy Davis - Artist

Leo Basica - Designer

Bill Byrne Public Relations

Dylan Gordon - Lifestyle Photographer

Tin Ojeda - Filmmaker, Artist

Andrew Schoener - Cinematographer, Photographer

our process 

1) Nail down the strategy. 

2) Craft a powerful message.

3) Design with purpose to clearly deliver the promise of your brand.